Sean Connelly
2024 Grant Recipient

ʻĀINAVIS, an artist-led project that visualizes Hawai‘i's ʻāina through innovative mapping, integrating social, historical, and environmental data with a focus on its role in intellect and wellbeing. Their next endeavor aims to map historic activism and events across Pae ‘āina Hawai‘i, fostering transformative discussions.

Sean Connelly (b.1984, Pacific Islander American/Illocano) is an artist from O'ahu, residing and working across Pae 'Āina Hawai'i. Sean's multifaceted practice encompasses sculpture, installation, film, design, and cartography, frequently integrating architectural and experimental methodologies. Their work delves into the interplay with the built environment, intersecting oceanic intellect and futures in contemporary practice, spanning both tangible and theoretical domains. This exploration is informed by cultural, ecological, historical, material, water, food sovereignty, and land justice themes.