Sheanae Tam
2024 Grant Recipient

Kūlewa involves teaching 16 classes over eight weeks to eight groups of Ulu Aʻe Learning Center keiki. Accompanying them on huakaʻi to ʻāina-based sites, the artist will lead workshops to create art inspired by each location. Students will produce compositions directly tied to the visited sites. The 8-week program concludes with public displays of student artwork at the respective sites. A mobile art tour, including sites like University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu and Mālama Puʻuloa, will showcase keiki voices and expressions. Ulu Aʻe Learning Center will facilitate transportation for keiki and visitors throughout the process. Kūlewa embodies art, culture, ʻāina, and community history.

Sheanae Tam was born and raised in the Koʻolaupoko of Oʻahu. In 2017, she graduated with a BFA from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, laying the foundation for her multifaceted career. Since then, Sheanae has embraced a diverse range of roles, blending her passions for public education, art, and regenerative farming. With a deep-rooted commitment to her island home, Sheanae endeavors to create meaningful connections between people, culture, and ʻāina.